Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Times at the Wyricks

We survived the holidays in spite of my foot surgery. The surgery went well & the scar looks so much better than I hoped for. The healing has good & bad days ... still stuck in boot 90% of the time. Foot swells when I stand or walk, so tennis shoe gets too tight quickly & will put me back in the boot for days... I am suppose to go 2-3 hrs max in tennis shoes (no other shoes yet). Did you know I hate tennis shoes?
Mark is working hard & we both survived our 1st flu in over 8 years. We enjoyed the visit with Dale & the girls after Christmas. It was nice having someone in the house again. Our weekly visits from Dare & the boys (Ryan is an older boy at our age) have been spotty due to illness, yoga & etc. We miss their smiling faces, but enjoy their basketball games when well enough to attend. Stacey & family visited after Christmas but stayed with friends, so we would have liked to see them more. They grow up & out too fast. :-)
I have stayed busy with auctions & eBay .... my part time job. It is helping ease the financial strain from the economy. Christmas Eve our hot water heater went out & had to be replaced - great timing (not). The photos are of some of my favorite auction pieces. I have sold over 100 pieces of Desert Rose & even more Sarah Coventry & Coro jewelry from 1950-1970s. Cookbooks are coming out of my ears as I can only list a few at a time. The Beelleck sold well & I loved looking at it for a couple of weeks too.
The post office & I have had a few tense moments where Mark worried I was going postal. He seriously reached for me thinking I was going after the guy. I was mad not postal yet. A lost package that was "delivered" on my post woman's day off, she remembers putting in my box though. 1st it was never in my box on her day off & 2nd it was insured & required a signature - delivered on a day my fever was 102 with the flu (my door was not opened for 2 weeks). They are trying to outlast me .... can you hear Mark laughing? Like anyone can outlast me. LOL I finally got mad enough & told the Postmaster I do not care who remembers what my $150 worth of jewelry is not with me & they do not have a signature on the signature card that they scanned as if they had one. It has kept me blocked from fixing it over the Internet b/c it says I signed for it on this blank card. They are just robots that no one can look at the same web page that they send me showing no signature. I have not dealt with so many idiots at the same company ... no wonder they lost 5.5 BILLION last year. I just want my money or jewelry AND I will get it too.
I have a sleep study coming up, along with a GI exam & a colonscopy. This week it was B12, & set up for blood work next week. The blood work will answer the celiac diease that they believe it is (my hubby diagnoised it first) ... or if I am gluten intolerant. I am already lactose intolerant ... maybe I am just becoming intolerant.... I will have to work on that. :-) The stomach issues with the inablility to sustain Vitamin D, B12, or calcium leads them to look for celiac diease. The blood test should answer but the GI look will show the lesions & size . I hope they decide soon although I will formally state that I love everything with gluten in it..... maybe that is why stomach stays upset. Oh well, I am hopeful that we are getting close to answers, finally.
Mark & I enjoy our auctions & one of them is a mile from a Food Lion that sells Caffiene Free Dr Pepper (more better). It is interesting even if we find nothing at the sale, ok that does not happen very often.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Starts with a Bite!!

No, not a nip in the air, but we feel a little nipped at. Fortunately we have beautiful grand children to brighten our darker days.
The economy has not gotten better & no explanation needed for most of us.
The day before Thanksgiving, I had bunion surgery. A couple of explanations needed. 1st - when I agreed to the date I never thought of the holiday & so I agreed to ruin Thanksgiving for Mark & myself. 2nd- It was a more severe surgery than expected so the inconvenience for Mark has been very stressful. Now to explain that Thanksgiving was really kind of nice. Quiet as I had to lay with my foot elevated with 20 min. icings every hour. In the afternoon, Jean, Emily & Sister Ard brought over Thanksgiving dinner for us & a huge plate of goodies. All that know them ,know for a couple of days that we had yummy eating. I was blessed that the severe pain that I was told to expect was nothing more than an irritation. I never took a single pain pill & b/c of surgery I had to give up Goody Powders & caffeine drinks too. (more later on this) Then the Peed family jumped in to help. Dare brought a yummy meatloaf dinner over, Lynn brought 2 chicken & rice dinners (got to get that recipe from the other Nana), Shirley & Bill (G-Ma & G-Dad to our grand kids) brought enough for 2 meals too. Plus they loaned me 2 walkers, a raised potty, & a wheelchair for outings (Mark is getting a workout while I Christmas look). Life would have been really stressful w/o their help. Mark has been a gracious & kind caregiver for me but it is a lot & I pray on the 29th to get in a tennis shoe & permission to walk without my crutch & surgery boot.
My foot is still swollen but it is black & blue still, so we both hope the swelling disappears as the bruising goes away. He removed a 2-3" slice of bone from the side & saw my big toe bone in half. Then he chiseled the bone to fit together & screwed it in place. Recovery time is 3 months to a year. I expect 3 months. It is weird to feel the screws in my toe but he warned me that I could feel them & superior to there could be permanent pain. Today was CELEBRATION DAY - I got to take my 1st shower (not a bath but better than a sponge bath). I did have to tape a gallon size Ziploc bag over my foot, but I would have put it over my head for a shower. No photos of the crutch, shower & grip on shower bar.
It has been good for us in many ways. Mark has learned that their are chores that have to be done. We both found friends who helped in time of need, some we did not expect & some were missing that we took for granted would help. I have learned I was not made to lay around & eat cookies - the weight gain alone but the boredom is killing me. But mostly we have both learned gratitude for our health, each others, our friends & family..........but I have learned the struggle that handicap people go through on a daily basis. Waking in the middle of the night ... it is where is my surgery boot (1/2 the time on my foot), my crutch... the danger of a fall. Stairs - nightmare! Stores that we all take for granted ... the clothes on on racks to tall to reach from a wheelchair, half the isles are blocked by items customers dropped on floor, some isles too close together, the bank machines are too tall to be able to put your secret code in, & people to lazy to take the escalator or stairs fill the few elevators. Stores should be required to make themselves handicap friendly. In a few weeks, I will be walking again but many will struggle with this for their whole lives.
As if the stress was not enough, on the same day in Oct that I had a breast biopsy Mark's sister Minnie had a needle biopsy on the place in her abdomen. They said no problem expected but they did not get a big enough sample so they were going to do a regular biopsy. Within less than 6 weeks, Minnie went from no problem, cancer, cancer can't treat, 1 yr life expectancy, to 2 weeks , to she passed away 2 weeks later. It was a heart breaking time for both of us, but for Mark this is his 2nd sister in less than 2 years. Minnie was a loving sister. She went by car all the way to Provo, Utah to be at our wedding with us. She was a great sister, a great sister in law & a wonderful loving aunt. She will be missed.
Today, reminded me that sometimes you have to laugh as huge problems you can accept & something small makes you mad. Poor Mark, who's December has been difficult at best, came down with an awful cold. He says he does not have time for a cold but I say it seems unfair that he would have a cold too! Oh well, I am over my mini fit & recognize our many blessings.
A few of our blessings
- Halloween with the Peeds .... great costumes, lots of rain, & finding Hudson like me will not put something over his face not even to be Spider-man.
- watching the twins 1st Thanksgiving program was so cute!
- Hudson's 4th birthday .... oh my he is too cute! We jumped at the mall & then special Spider-man cupcakes (from Dare loving hands). Fun was had by all.
- Evan's 2nd birthday .... Happy Feet 2 (great movie) & then quesadillas & cupcakes with sprinkles. He broke his arm chasing the twins so a quieter party (less pushing).
- Our Gretchen took 3rd place in the Tennessee State Gymnastics. Her team took 2nd, the 3rd was among all the gymnast not her team. She rocks! Wished we could have seen it ... have foot that does not travel.
- Dallin finished up his season with the high school marching band. We hate we missed the competitions but maybe next year.
- Parker is growing like a weed & enjoying alone time with Mom as the others stay so buzy.
- Dale came to Minnie's funeral & we were thrilled to see our busy fireman. Looking forward to the visit at the end of the month with Leah & Rebekah.
- Dare is starting her Yoga Teaching Classes & keeping her blog going plus chasing 4 boys under 6 (one who broke his arm) ... Ryan works hard & is a great Dad to 4 boys.
- Stacey, well you just read what the Mom is doing.... running the house, the routes to events, getting the house ready to show for realtor, & etc. Richard is traveling between Orlando & Nashville plus started his food blog.
As you can see, we have lots of reasons to rejoice. I am sure Minnie & my Mom are trying to find a way to fix my problems from Heaven.
OH! yeah the caffeine drinks .... I found a few stores a hour away that have caffeine free Dr Pepper. We make runs & pick up enough till next trip. YEAH!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer - heat & fun

June & July have been busy & fun months. Mark & I celebrated our 38th anniversary with a mountain trip. It is always father's Day weekend so we combined our visit to the mountains with a stop off in Asheville. Dale treated his Dad & I to lunch with Leah & Rebecca. Them some yummy ice cream while we out waited a huge rain storm. Shalene was working & unable to have lunch. We missed her but gave little notice of our coming through Asheville. Shalene teaches crossfit, takes great care of the girls & has helped a school open in Asheville more student oriented. Dale is busy with the Fire Station work, teaching crossfit & going to school. He spends lots of time with the girls too.
We took a long weekend to Nashville and a fun visit with the Hopfers. Dallin has overtaken me in height. Parker is making his run at me & Gretchen is as beautiful as ever. We had lots of fun with cookouts & friends. We ate a cool new place with great country cooking. Stacey & Richard are looking for a new home in Orlando. Richard received a very nice promotion so off to Orlando (okay a suburb of Orlando is where they are looking). They assure me my room will be a requirement but maybe add a pool to it. I love their neighborhood pool but backyard works for me too. Stacey stays busy with family, the church, friends & playing chauffeur to the kids. Richard & his friends are busy at the shooting range & the golf course when he is not working, doing church or family things. They tire me just watching. Parker & Dallin will be in town next week for Dallin's birthday. I look forward to some time with the 2 of them & can hardly wait to pick them up from the airport.
Dare's family has been busy with vacation, Hudson had his tonsils & adedoids removed, Owen & Elijah started kindergarten and love it so far. I worried as the do not allow twins in the same class here. Being a lone child is different than a twin. Little Evan is not so little but cute as a button. Dark tan and white blond hair with a dazzling smile. Dare & Ryan have their hands full but do a great job.
Mark has a new boss & high hopes in a more organized work. We still love the Flex & take lots of day trips on the weekends. We spend almost every Thursday night at North Hills listening to the band, watching the shaggers, and dancing select songs. My arm still does not allow for much of a range of movement so turns are out of reach for now. We enjoy it & it is a highlight of my week.
It has been unusually hot even for North Carolina in the summer..... 100 is hot but add the 70% humidity & it has been unbearable. It has been only only down side to the summer. My jeep has no air conditioning & after making a short (less than 4 miles) jaunt to the store... I walked in the store turn to a customer beside me & said it was hot. When I woke up she said my eyes rolled back in my head & I went face down into her "sturdy" arms. (her phrase not mine). I convinced them to not call the rescue squad & fortunately for me they could not decide what to do before I woke up. I explained it was a health condition & if I was not bleeding I was okay BUT the bad part of this is my decision was forced. I took the tags off the Jeep & parked her for the time being. I can not take a chance of passing out and running into another car & hurting someone. The loss of freedom is oppressive but doing the right thing is not always easy.
Well... enough babbling. June & July have been thumbs up months & looking for it to be better with the visit from my grandsons. August brings another birthday & at my age that is good too!

Monday, May 16, 2011

April & May 2011 - Boy time flies!!

Bradford & Logan after Logan removed his tubes.

Logan - Weapon X . Isn't he a beauty?

the boys on Mother's Day

Hudson singing "You are my Sunshine" to Mary

Mary looking thru her birthday loot.

Barbara & Pete came out from Reno

Mark chatting golf with nephews

The nieces plus 1 great niece posing. too fun!

the rains came but we talked over the thunder

me watching the family talk & laugh

Mark with brothers, sisters & his last aunt - Iris

the cake & cupcakes I made & chatting

2nd of nieces - can't delete it but worth a 2nd look

nieces & nephews

Dare & Ryan cooking Mother's Day brunch - yum

My Mom - Happy Mother's Day! I love & miss you !

Weapon X - Logan Coombs... son of Bradford & Heidi Jo .... Grandson of Jerry & Malinda.... nephew, great nephew, cousin, 2nd cousin....etc. loved by many. Many prayers on his behalf.

Well, highlights... more birthdays. Stacey, Parker, Ryan and honorable mention of Jerry's birthday have come and gone. Add new birthday with the birth of young Logan (Jerry's grandson & my great nephew) who arrived weeks early at a little over 3 pounds. Logan is a real fighter & has pulled out his own breathing tubes and escaped his incubator much sooner than expected. Bradford (his Dad) calls him Weapon X. What a cutie & a head full of hair! Bradford's Mom has finally remarried & we are so excited for her. Malinda is a true part of our family and we wish her great happiness.

Mother's Day was pretty tough this year. No one could come home and Logan / Weapon X's birth coming within a week of my brother's birthday made his death seem even harder. He should be able to hold his grandchildren. Add it to no Mom to see on Mother's Day and only my Dare to come see me. My Mom would have loved my Grandchildren & it seems unfair she missed them. Health issues that include changes in doctors, lots of tests with few answers, going off sleeping meds after 11 years so lack of sleep, & inability of doctors to find real solutions. It was a not good & I am having trouble shaking the feelings. I am thinking of declaring all holidays off limits - lol.

Facebook is a great way to keep up with current & past friends. I have rehooked up with a dear friend from 25 years ago. Kerri is the first person I told that I was expecting our Dare. Yes, even before Mark as it was such a surprise and at a difficult time in our lives (the last financial resession/depression). We played Rook, ate M&Ms, carrots & cheese dip (her recipe got us hooked on it) & Dr Pepper. Strange combination but hey I was pregnant & I do not know what their excuses were haha! Their son (Dale's old friend) owns a huge horse back riding & four wheel riding ranch.... I have a standing invitation to visit but a push for this summer or fall. Maybe if my shoulder gets better or maybe just to visit. I love Missouri for visits

My friends from high school help cheer, encourage & just plain out amuse me. We have banded to get Scotty as our newest American Idol (the 1st I have ever watched- real power of facebook). They are helping me look for the right dog & volunteer job. A couple are going through cancer now & a couple have conquered cancer or learned to live with cancer, MS & others .... they have been encouraging in helping me get through too many tests, too many "no clue" answers, the struggle with a shoulder that should be healing but is not. Their faith though different churches are strong & help to strengthen my faith. They pray for me & I pray for them. As it is meant to be. They have been a balm for me after 3 months & still no offers of help or encouragements from anyone at church. I have learned to do most things left handed or with little right hand use. It has cost me 2 bowls & countless tears but I am getting better at it everyday. I will get it better in time to get well. Friday I had another steroid shot with pain meds.... so by Friday night I was in real pain (it felt much better before the Dr. helped me).

Now the great part of the months.... on Friday night & Saturday morning I struggled to make the birthday cake that I promised to make before my fall. I worked on it, threw away layers, sent Mark back & forth to the store for supplies and finally he declared me done. I managed to not cry as I looked at a cake that was so not up to the standard I looking for. I love my sister-in-law Mary & an 80th birthday is a biggie. Sadly icing a cake left handed or with an arm that will not raise makes for a not smooth top (should have used fondant but I do not like the taste of it) & placing the letters with hands that were shaking from the shots the day before made for an adventure. Oh well, as Mark predicted Mary loved it b/c she loves me. We had a huge family reunion/birthday party & it was great! We had to move it as Scotty came home and Garner canceled our year old reservation so they could use the park for his celebration. Thunderstorms moved through but nothing hurt the love that abounded. Dare, Ryan & the boys were huge hits. Dare is now responsible for planning all future reunions! You go girl!!

Like life, these months were ... good, bad & ugly.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well the month of March is coming to a close. Mark has turned the big 59, he says the last number that starts with a 5 something.

We had a quiet meal for 2 out at a Mexican restaurant of his choice. The meal was good until I ordered sopapillas for desert. I ordered it w/o honey but with chocolate drizzled over them. Yes, my favorite way. They came w/o the honey but chocolate powder & melted butter on them. I was just going to eat them but my hubby insisted they bring them fixed correctly.Our waiter had gotten busy & did not fix the first ones but went back to fix the 2nd ones. Well the waitress that fixed the 1st ones brought them & sat them down saying "you could have told me". Their English is not that great so I did not think anything about it except she brought them instead of him. He stopped at the table glad they had fixed it before we ate them. Too late to make the long story short... any who. She fixed them with rancid butter. It tasted weird & Mark recognize the smell (I can not smell at all these days) Both Mark & I were sick all night.

He missed his children on his birthday but loved the songs from the grand-kids. Shalene & the girls did a great job. The Peed boys were so cute singing.... Hudson's special rendition of "You are my Sunshine" brought tears to his eyes.

Work is going well for him & he loves it. His vendors all brag on him in Atlanta and he has become a favorite. One of them took him to P F Changs for lunch yesterday. We had dinner at North Hills with one of them. They like how organized & ready he is when they come in town. Building is still slow but his sales are climbing.

Saturday we are having a big yard sale. Time to get rid of all the "stuff" sitting around plus the clothes I never wear. I have included my Desert Rose & although I will miss it ... I can live without it. Hoping it goes well. I have spent a lot of time getting everything together & all but the clothes downstairs.... slow going with one arm.

The pain shots in my shoulder yesterday seemed like a nice surprise when the doctor told me (afterwards), and it helped with getting stuff done. Sadly they were only good for 12-24 hrs & I overused my shoulder not realizing it. Oh well! I am hoping the lidocaine shot will help with the impingement. I return in 2 weeks to see orthopedic surgeon.

Life is good & we are looking forward to a great April (no Aprils Fool).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Living Alone!

Wow, I had no idea what it was like for single people to live alone. I used to fantasize about being single & doing what I want to do all the time. Usually, these thoughts came when one of my children were having fits or doing the "Mom, Mom, Mom" thing or Mark was giving me his list of "jobs" he wanted me to do. I got married shortly after I graduated and moved from my Mom's house in with Mark. 37 plus years and I have been alone for a total of less than 10 days (hospitals do not count as you are never alone in them).

After a week alone since Mark is away on business, I stand & applaud the single people of the world...whether by choice or not. I can not seem to get organized as no one is here to know if I got anything done or not. I have eaten a couple of snacks....what is the point of fixing food for me. I did eat a whole box of chocolate pudding though as my meal of the day yesterday...haha! I even watch stupid tv shows because I forgot where the remote is & am too lazy to find it. My sleeping habits are always bad but I have not been to bed before 5 am yet. It gets light outside & I go to sleep. I can not even blame being afraid as I live in a fortress, I just get preoccupied & forget to go to bed. (insomnia...always makes sleeping a challenge). I guess with time I would figure out a schedule but Mark will be home by then & I will resume my wifely duties.
At least I bath daily & get dressed but never seem to have the energy then to leave the house. I plan but never leave. I do my laundry & keep my house clean out of habit even though no one to know if I did not. I answer Mark's calls if I see them....still getting use to my Google phone & loving it.
So far, I learned after being a group or couple for over 37 years that I have lost the ability to survive alone. I am very self sufficient or so I thought until now. I thought it was so easy for all those single people to only have to take care of themselves.
BOY! was I is so hard to hear the silence, to be an individual without thinking someone else will come "rescue" me from being alone, to be solely responsible for just me & no one else. Other than 2 telephone calls a day from Mark...I have spoken to no one. I left the house stopped at a license check with 30-45 backup in 90 heat & no air conditioning. I got a horrid migraine, had to rush home, threw up, blood pressure dropped, fell & hit my chin and spent the rest of the night throwing up & laying a wet cloth on my head. So my big independence left me with an ugly bruise under my chin and a leftover headache.
It is not like I see or talk to many people but Mark makes me go places with him....dinner, poker night, or ride to a job with him. But this week has been so quiet...only my birthday was quieter haha!
My hat is off to every person who lives alone & must plan their days. I am terrible at it. Shows we must be careful what we wish for...2 more days & my single days are over. I love my husband as he is my very bestest friend too!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Can you smell the cotton candy, candy apples, hot dogs, sausages, fries & fall air? Yes it is almost fair time less than 60 days away. NC Has the very BESTEST fair in the USA. Great concerts. rides, exhibits of all times, games to take your money & impress your friends with, & food that who cares what the calories are..haha! I have been a FaceBook follower of the NC State Fair & entered a contest for the best old photos of the fair & what it means to us. This was my entry....

Mark a.k.a. Papa holding Hudson on a cool night of the fair as we watched the fireworks. We worried about the loud noise but he snuggled in all safe & sound and was loved the fireworks. Papa was happy too! This was chosen by the fair as what the fair means....generations enjoying the granduer of the fair. (good thing I did not send photos of what we ate that night. I won a nice prize package and thanked Dare for the lovely photo she took so I could enter it. My package was opened by PO when delivered & my free tickets were missing but the can coozie, t-shirt, phone holder, magnets & bumper sticker was nice. Yeah for NC!